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人気の 新作 特価 グッチ グッチ バッグ

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The Chicago Latino Network 2014 Media Kit is now available. The Chicago Latino Network has proven time and time again that its combination of high quality content, unbeatable advertising coverage and emphasis on qualified results, makes it the choice for companies to reach the niche market of Chicagoland acculturated Latinos. Please send a request for the media kit to 新作 特価 正規品通販店 gucci グッチ ブーツ. Please note that media kits will only be sent to qualified requests.

  • Latino consumers are moving from Spanish to English
  • Latino consumers are moving from traditional media to Internet.

For marketers, acculturated Latinos represent the prime market - sophisticated and coveted consumers with considerable income who differentiate themselves by maintaining their Latino heritage, while preferring English-language media. Many companies are increasing their use of English-language advertising when seeking to reach acculturated Latinos. These companies are leading a new marketing trend that, according to some experts has enormous potential.

The Chicago Latino Network in its 14th year is the leading online resource for nearly 60,000 acculturated Latinos in the Chicagoland area looking for content that reflects their unique lifestyle, issues and culture. This niche market of early influencers, who enjoy higher education and income levels (with significant disposable income), has been that untapped, often times overlooked, and certainly elusive and mysterious market.

The Chicago Latino Network has managed to not only market effectively to this niche community, but also to bring light to these successful professionals and entrepreneurs, while disseminating valuable information and resources.

In 2014, the Chicago Latino Network continues to grow and is looking forward to working with organizations like yours to develop fully integrated plans that include digital, and face-to-face events that are effective and deliver a superior ROI. In a market of millions worth trillions, the Chicago Latino Network is well positioned to provide exclusive access to this booming demo, in and on their terms.

In our 14th year, we are the LEADERS and TRENDSETTERS in E-Networking
nearly 60,000 Chicagoland New Generation Latinos!

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